Does this mean we are OFFICIAL?!

Hi farm friends!
I hope you are all well!
Welcome to our new BLOG!!!!
I figured this would be a great way to give updates and to post work days and other great stuff, also it would be a great place to direct people on our pamphlets and at fundraisers and when we have a table at events!!! YAY…Does this mean we are a little bit more official!!!
So here is an update on our progress!
WE GOT OUR SEED DONATION!!! 50 Packets from High Mowing Organic Seed Company!
We are having a meeting with Natalie the first week of March to discuss and finalize some ideas for the farm design. Wewill meet at 2312 Emerald st. We will let you know exactly when…All are invited!
The certified letters have been sent!
The soil sample has been sent!
Malachy finished our logo and layout and graphics for our pamphlet and petition.
Rafael is working on translating them into spanish.
I presented our Farm Project to EKNA on Monday! And while they seemed supportive they were not jumping out of their chairs to give us $$$.
And we would love your input and insights about a few things:
1. We have decided that we should slow down a bit, because we have no money, no soil and not much time to dive full on this year. So we are going to work on fundraising, developing a business plan, gaining community support, build our infrastructure and work on planting just the two present beds this season and make them look spectacular so it catches people’s eyes. We want to first get people’s attention, let people know what we are doing and make it gain momentum.
2. We think that it would be a good idea to have a table at the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest on May 16th. If we did that then we would need the farm liturature done by then. This is the same day as the Kinetic Sculpture Derby. I think that both event would be good for outreach. Perhaps turn our bikes into vegetables or something?? I also have started some t-shirt designs so we can sell some tshirts, also it might be nice to sell sunflower starts or something else that would be cute and fun for people!
We also need to plan a big fundraiser for the summer…Anyone have any ideas???!!! We have a few that we are working out…like a show, silent auction, barn dance/square dance, dance party, performance by artists…still working out the details.
2. I’d like to go talk to NKCDC in the next few days about our stuff. Today i thought long and hard about how if we are going to take this year as a complete planning year and develop a ligitimate business plan i’d like to explore more lots on Emerald Street to incorporate. If we can figure out how to make the business work and if we can build good infrastructure and focus on fundraising i think it would be great to really get out there and reclaim a lot of land…and grow a lot of food!!! I’d like to explore what NKCDC has to offer by way of land and also i’m hoping to reach out to Circle and talk with them about their garden and maybe we can start collaborating.
So please give us any feedback or thoughts you might have!!
Thank you all of being so supportive and joining us in this farm effort.
I dont know what we would do without friends like you guys and gals!!!


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2 responses to “Does this mean we are OFFICIAL?!

  1. KatyT

    A lot of great ideas! Has there been any communication with the community members? What are their thoughts on these plans? Or are there just not that many houses surrounding the sight? I forget what the neighborhood is like…

    You’re enthusiasm, insight, and love of farming and Philadelphia will make this thing happen! If anyone can do it, you can. I can’t wait to see the glory that ESUF becomes……Keep up the great work. I look forward to helping out when I can.

  2. theartichokeheart

    keep postin patrick! you have some awesome ideas and i hope they can keep developing into something that brings new life to the community. youre doing a great job. -joel

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