FOOD for the Eating!

Well its been a while since we posted last…sorry bout that. But its because we have just been so busy doing work and planting, as well as our full time jobs that this whole internet blog thing fell by the wayside pretty quickly! But that said we had an awesome work day about 3 weeks ago. We planted the new bed with kale, collards, bok choi and chard! We also finished building the small flower beds for the corner and planted them and also put in a small brick patio  for hangin out amongst the flowers. The next week was crazy and hectic but we moved some dirt, started building our third bed and started screen printing our reusable grocery bags for the trenton avenue arts fest. This pas tweekend we didn’twork in the lots because of teh rain but we spent most of the weekend screnprintinng andwe finished making the bags and are very excited for the fest next weekend…hopefully people will buy them and we will make some money!!!! And lastly we had our first harvest…I pulled 6 bunchs of radishes…”the morale booster”…we asked the kids that have been helping us if they wanted to tae them home but they all scrunched the faces and shouted “Ew, i hate radishes”, or “Yuk, no I don’t want them” … oh well!!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks….you can see how much stuff has grown especially now with all the rain!


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  1. Hey Patrick,

    We met briefly at February’s PASA project, back when the farm was still some vacant lots. Things are really shaping up! Walked by the space today during my lunch break (only 0.2 miles from the office!)–the greens looked beautiful. I just wanted to wiggle my hand through the chain link and grab a little taste of kale.

    Looking forward to checking out your bags at the Trenton Ave. Arts Festival. Are you going to stuff them with any literature? Maybe a materials wish list?

    Let me know if there’s any way I can lend a hand–

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