Two Community Plots Available

Community Plots available at Emerald St Urban Farm!

Application Deadline: April 15th 2010

Please submit to Elissa Ruse or Patrick Dunn

2312 emerald Street

Philadelphia PA 19125

Two Community Plots Will be Available May through November.

Farm is located on the corner of Dauphin and Emerald Sts. The available plots are located along the fence on the Emerald St Side.

Dimensions: Each bed is 6 ½ ft by 8ft.

What we can provide: Tool Share, watering infrastructure & moral support!


– Plants need to be kept alive

– Beds must be harvested on a biweekly basis

– Beds must be kept weeded

– Plants at the end of their life due to disease or infestation need to be replaced in a timely manner

– Borrowed tools must be returned

– Please volunteer for at least one ESUF event

***  If rules are not complied with the bed will be taken back after one warning or three weeks of inactivity  ***

Please answer the following questions:

Name, Address & Phone Number :

Why do you want to participate?

Do you have any gardening experience?

Would you like to participate in the larger ESUF Project?


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One response to “Two Community Plots Available

  1. Ms. Audrey Taylor

    2446 Coral Street, Phila, Pa 19125, 609 505 4267. It has been a long time and I just want to play in the dirt again. I start a small garden, but the child’s in the area are pulling up my “seedlings”. Working with you I help to be able to plant and see how well what I plant grows. I hope to hear from you soon.

    “Happy Planting”
    What is the ESUF Project?

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