Hot FUN in the Summertime!!!

Okay Okay, So I know we haven’t posted something in a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME!!!!  Most of the reason why is because we don’t have a camera, and whats a blog post without pictures right!? But thats no excuse!

Anyway, things are really heatin up over at Emerald Street Urban Farm! We have been getting a ton of projects done, growing a ton of veggies, we’ve had two farmstands, are selling to Johnny Brenda’s, Almanac and Leotah’s Place, and we’ve donated 40 pounds of fresh veggies to the St. Francis Inn Soup Kitchen!

Our Farm Stands are On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of Every Month! Our next will be this coming Saturday from 10-4! See Ya There!!

I gotta say, this summer has proved to us that with a lot of time, hard work, incredible friends and nieghbors and just a little bit of love you really can achieve your dreams and goals. ‘*sniff sniff* a little teary eyed over here!

So that said I need to put a big old THANK YOU out there to everyone who has come to our events, bought our produce, the restaurants, and everyone who has come and vollunteered even for a whole day or  just 10 minutes to help me carry some wood. Without all of your help and all of your support we wouldn’t be where we are today.

As for a report on where all your gracious donations of cold hard cash have gone, I finally got our Rain Catchment/ Farmstand Shelter structure built and catchin the rain! It took me a while, since I don’t have extensive construction experience, but a few good friends came by and helped me focus and helped me remember where I left that darn hammer!!! Next we finally got our hoophouse built and covered with plastic. I built a bed inside for tomatoes and a table for starting seeds! We got some medical herbs and more collards and chard goin in there right now!!! We were also able to buy more and better tools and soon we will be buying a solar powered water pump for our rain catchment!!!!

So, we’ve been busy, but we’re going to get even busier!!! We’ve got an awesome Fermentation Workshop coming up in July which I am teaching, more details on that to come! We would love to have another Hoedown, but We may have our hands in too many honeypots (?). If there is anyone out there that would love to take on a larger role in the planning process … which in involves working with Elissa and Patrick organizing vollunteers for the day, send emails, flyering, going out and buying supplies, figuring out food and drink, and making food for the event!    If your seriously interested please contact us ASAP! if you don’t know our email address its!!!

As for projects, we desperately need a shed and washing station. So I’m going to start building one in the next week and if anyone has a lot of experience building stuff …. PLEASE COME HELP ME !!!!

Okay So I’m gonna end this on a really cool note, at least its super cool to me. So we planted garlic last November, and I thought there wasn’t much hope cause it was a bit late, but sure enough come spring the garlic was poppin out of the straw all green and gorgeous. Well still I figured given the raised beds and random soil we have that our garlic was going to be pretty small. But yesterday, I pulled all of our garlic and I was blown away! The heads are 3-4 inches in diameter and the flavor is incredible! I strung them all up in the greenhouse and it looks super beautiful and smells lovely! So in about 1 month ya’ll gotta come get the first garlic grown at ESUF!!!!

Well i promise to update everyone soon!

Your Farmer Truly,



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