Early nights are good for reflection!

I always love this time of year! The days get shorter, the temperatures go down but are still strangely comforting and suddenly there isn’t much more to plant, water or plan … Heaven! My favorite part is probably the fact that when I wake up at 6 AM, its still black as night and all the world is quiet. Ya see in the summer time when your up that early the city is still moving, the birds are having a blast, people are walking around and just the look of the place makes you feel like the day before never ended, (but maybe that’s because you passed out just before sunset and woke up just after its counter part and thought that time stood still). And then there is November, December and January, ya know the time when we all start blaming the “Seasonal Affective Disorder” for our fatigue and depression (maybe its all that beer you drank last night though), or maybe its just the time that we all need to appreciate the Universe’s natural sedative. Okay yeah sure I’m a farmer and my life is like a roaring river from April Fools Day to Halloween, so of course I’m gonna love to just chill out for 4 months straight and sleep a lot and  relish in the lack of sweat and sunburnt skin. But really for me its that time at 6 AM, when its still black as night and my day is beginning but it seems no one else’s day is. The only folks out are my friendly North Philly scrapper neighbors starting to line up at the Scrap yard or that crazy guy who thinks running at that time is both safe and warm … dude running a marathon is cool and all, but seriously?

It’s quiet. As close to silence as you can get in Philadelphia. I love it!

Okay, so perhaps my excitement for winter this year also has to do with things just being gosh darn swell!

For one, for the first time ever I think we at Emerald Street Urban Farm are going to try to hold several WINTER farmstands … Yes thats what I said …. WWOOOOAAAAAHHHH …. CCCRRRRAAAAAZZZZYYYY, Winter Farmstands?. Yep, we got food growin, almost as much food as we had in the summer time, (is that sad?) and I’m crossing my fingers it lasts, especially if we don’t have “SNOW – MA – END – A – THE – WORLD” tomorrow and than 2 weeks later like last year. We gots some tasty Broccoli, tons of Spinach, tons of Kale, Collards, Beets, Salad mix, Turnips, and maybe some radishes! ! ! ! ! Oh man I’m excited! We’ll keep you posted on upcoming  farmstands.

The second really rad thing thats happening is that I was just hired by Marathon (Grill), to create an urban farm for them. It is extremely exciting and I am actually getting paid for the thing that I love dearly and know all about! The strange part though, is the fact that, right now I’m a farmer going to work in a high rise on 18th and Market, in an office on the 24th floor, with a view thats pretty breathtaking for someone who is used to be on his knees playing in the dirt and yet I’m love it. It’s new and different, and maybe I had a small dream as a child that one day I’d have an office job and make big bucks, who’d – a – thunk? (without the big bucks though) But on Wednesday November 10th GRID Magazine is releasing their new issue and we will be a feature in it! So Cool.

Okay and there is one last thing … We’re gonna build a shed and get our land graded and build more raised beds … and its gonna be awesome! Oh yeah and we’re gonna install a real irrigation system too! YES – POW -BAM – YeeHaw … Ain’t winter great!

So if your trying to beat the winter blues, your more than welcome to come help us out on the farm this winter and let old fashioned hard labor lift your spirits! Trust me it works, so does not drinking, getting lots of sleep and enjoying the frigid early winter mornings of Philadelphia, just please don’t go for a jog then, for the love of god!

We will be trying our hardest to update you on upcoming projects and farmstands, I know we always say that, but we really are going to try this time!





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  1. Good work. Have you considered using Sub-Irrigated Planters (SIPs) instead of raised beds? SIPs avoid problems with contaminated soil, are more productive and I’m sure Marathon will be happy to supply you with 5-gallon buckets galore:)

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