Emerald Street Urban Farm Project is not yet a non-profit. Because of this we can not apply for grants or other funding. We are planning on beginning the steps to non-profit status in the coming months and hopefully will be fiscally sponsored before the fall. But the way we keep this project going is through our own fundraising and donations.

Throughout this season we will have several fund raising events such as concerts, movie nights, flea markets and our FARMRAISER. But in addition we accept personal donations in any amount. We also accept donations of tools, lending your pick-up truck or giving old items which we can re-appropriate on the farm.

If you would like to Donate Money here is how you can:

Pay Pal:

Mail cash, check or money orders to :

ESUF Project

2312 Emerald Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

This is what your cash donations could buy for us.

5.00 –  2 packets of Tomato seeds.

10.00 –   1 blueberry plant

20.00 –   supplies to build a tool shed

50.00 –   Supplies to build a rainwater catchment system with bicycle water pump

100.00 –   4-5 2 year old dwarf fruit trees for our mini orhcard

500.00 –  Funds an afternoon garden class for the neighborhood kids

1000.00 – Funds our annual fall Farmraiser/Neighborhood Cookout

See how every little bit counts.


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