Get Involved

We love volunteers, and this year will have a good system in place for organizing volunteers.

We have meetings once a month except for June and we have Farm stands every other Saturday Starting May 8th and we harvest for Farm Stands the Friday evening before!

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Because we are still not yet a non-profit nor are we privately wealthy, we need money to keep this project going.

We accept donations in any form, be it cold hard cash, tools, lending your pick-up truck or any other supplies which we could reappropriate on the farm.

For more info on Donating see our Donations Page!


4 responses to “Get Involved

  1. Kristin Arrivello

    Hi, I am an art teacher at Kensington Urban Education Academy. We have a bunch of 9th graders who live in the neighborhood who would like to get involved and help out after school or on weekends. Please email me back with some info or call me at 215-499-0151. Thanks!

    • esuf

      Hi Kristen,
      Sorry for being so tardy. We are not really using this blog anymore bc we have a new website.
      We would love to work with you guys. Please send me an email with more info at or give me a ring at 518 225 4762.

  2. Jared Schultz

    I just moved back to the area and I would like to volunteer. When and where are your meetings? Thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • esuf

      Hey Jared,
      Sorry for the delayed response. We actually have a new webiste and are not keep up this blog anymore.
      On our website you can sign up to be on our mailing list!

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