Two Community Plots Available

Community Plots available at Emerald St Urban Farm!

Application Deadline: April 15th 2010

Please submit to Elissa Ruse or Patrick Dunn

2312 emerald Street

Philadelphia PA 19125

Two Community Plots Will be Available May through November.

Farm is located on the corner of Dauphin and Emerald Sts. The available plots are located along the fence on the Emerald St Side.

Dimensions: Each bed is 6 ½ ft by 8ft.

What we can provide: Tool Share, watering infrastructure & moral support!


– Plants need to be kept alive

– Beds must be harvested on a biweekly basis

– Beds must be kept weeded

– Plants at the end of their life due to disease or infestation need to be replaced in a timely manner

– Borrowed tools must be returned

– Please volunteer for at least one ESUF event

***  If rules are not complied with the bed will be taken back after one warning or three weeks of inactivity  ***

Please answer the following questions:

Name, Address & Phone Number :

Why do you want to participate?

Do you have any gardening experience?

Would you like to participate in the larger ESUF Project?


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February Snow Brings Summer Farm FUN!

Oh man, can you feel it? Days are getting longer, the snow is beginning to dissipate and the 40 degree weather is rejuvenating. You know what that means, Spring is right around the corner and there are veggies and fruit to be grown and eaten! We hope everyone had a relaxing and quiet winter. We sure did! But now its time to get back to business. We have started planning for our second season and there are a lot of exciting things happening.

We were chosen as one of the participants in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Community Grower’s Alliance. The CGA is a new program funded by the USDA to support entrepreneurial urban growers. For us this means that we are getting supplied with various tools, support, and best of all plants, lots and lots of plants(including a ton of fruit like blueberries and strawberries which will be part of a new community bed for neighbors to come and harvest as they please!).

Also, last year we had several meetings concerning building projects at the farm. We have a carpenter friend coming next week who will be beginning construction on our two new raised beds, a rainwater catchment roof and a new gate! These will be on going projects that we will need some help with in the coming months but we will be designing and beginning the construction process soon and you’ll be hearing from us about future work days.

Last summer we realized that there was a lot of interest in being heavily involved, but because of schedules it was hard to coordinate. So, this summer we are opening up one of our beds to the community as plots for two individuals or groups to do what they please. We will be releasing invitations and information on how to apply in the next few weeks. We still need to work out some details to make this a successful program. We are hoping that this summer there will be more of a community presence in the farm and hopefully that fence will become invisible!

And finally, we will be unleashing our exciting event program which will include more Farm Stands, both at the farm and at a soon to be decided satellite location, Movie Nights in the park across the street, workshops and most of all more fundraising events.

So clearly we are diving head first into this summer, taking on a lot (as we do best :) ) and this year we hope to have a more structured system of working with vollunteers. If you are interested in being involved please email us and let us know in what capacity and what your interests are.

We hope that you are all well and Can’t wait to have some more fun at the Farm!

Much Love!
Patrick and Elissa

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So the Famrraiser we held in September was a huge success We didn’t end up making much money, but we did end up getting all of our community out and involved and having fun, which was our top priority. Here are some pictures from the GREAT day!

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Corner of Emerald and Dauphin Streets

East Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kids Games, BBQ, Pig Roast, Beer from PBC, A feast of Local Foods mostly grown at ESUF, Music from Jubel Jenkins, TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb, 2/3 Goat and DJ SnakPak, Raffle Prizes, T-Shirts, Pie Eating Contests, and Lots of Fun and Friends!

See you there!!!

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WEll the summer is in full gear…and everything is growing great…we have even started having small pay what you want farm stands…more in depth post coming soon…enjoy the pics though! I can’t seem to figureo ut how to put them in chronological order….so the earliest are in the middle, the last pictures are the next and the first are most recent…I’m kinda internet illiterate sometimes!

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FOOD for the Eating!

Well its been a while since we posted last…sorry bout that. But its because we have just been so busy doing work and planting, as well as our full time jobs that this whole internet blog thing fell by the wayside pretty quickly! But that said we had an awesome work day about 3 weeks ago. We planted the new bed with kale, collards, bok choi and chard! We also finished building the small flower beds for the corner and planted them and also put in a small brick patio  for hangin out amongst the flowers. The next week was crazy and hectic but we moved some dirt, started building our third bed and started screen printing our reusable grocery bags for the trenton avenue arts fest. This pas tweekend we didn’twork in the lots because of teh rain but we spent most of the weekend screnprintinng andwe finished making the bags and are very excited for the fest next weekend…hopefully people will buy them and we will make some money!!!! And lastly we had our first harvest…I pulled 6 bunchs of radishes…”the morale booster”…we asked the kids that have been helping us if they wanted to tae them home but they all scrunched the faces and shouted “Ew, i hate radishes”, or “Yuk, no I don’t want them” … oh well!!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks….you can see how much stuff has grown especially now with all the rain!

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Plant A Seed…

Well I just wanted to post some pictures we took when Shinea, Corrie and I planted in our first bed this past weekend!

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